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Our classes are designed to inspire, connect and empower young people to succeed. Our goal is to encourage each student to find their voice, cultivate their passion, and use it to impact their community in a positive way. 


• Students will exhibit more openness to new ideas and new forms of learning. 

• Students will learn to respect their peers, take turns, and work as a team. 


• Students will build trust in the classroom. This will have carryover in their relationships with each other outside of the Heartisan Center, increasing their capacity for academic learning during their regular daytime classes in public schools. 


• Students will receive personalized, one-on-one instruction and access to resources that would not otherwise be available to them, such as mentors, technology and creative/expressive arts. 


• Students will experience innovative teaching approaches where they are directly encouraged to succeed, producing a greater capacity for learning, healing, and academic achievement.


• Underprivileged students will receive arts instruction that they aren’t getting in school. 


• Students of diverse backgrounds will be given an equal opportunity to learn in a safe, respectful environment.


Class Outline 


In this 8-class series, students broaden their minds and build community through reflective journaling, narrative writing, student interviews, portrait-drawing, mask-making, interactive theater games, trust-building exercises, and more. This class is a safe haven for creative expression and guided self-inquiry. At the completion of the Creative Expression class, students showcase their art and writing alongside supportive peers and teachers. 

Class Info

Duration: 8 weeks 

September – October 2018


Days: T/Th


Time: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. 


Grade Level: 6-12 


Lead Instructor: Mr. Katz 


Week by week 


Day 1: Community building and self-portrait drawing 

Day 2: Free-writing, mask-making and student interviews 

Day 3: Exploration of identity and society  

Day 4: Choosing your topic, story mapping and peer editing 

Day 5: Rough draft and revisions 

Day 6: Final drafts

Day 7: Brainstorm performance elements for First Friday Showcase 

Day 8: Confirm and practice performance elements for Student Showcase



Class 1 is taught by Abram Katz. Mr. Katz is a professional multi-media artist with over 14 years of teaching experience. Katz creates a positive, safe and structured classroom environment where students are encouraged to get to know each other and find common ground. Katz’ strength lies in his ability to assess the passions and challenges of diverse communities, and respond with dignity and inclusivity. In his free time, Mr. Katz enjoys exercising, hiking, making music, being goofy with friends and cooking good food.

Student Showcase, 2017, Grants Pass, OR.

Class Outline

In this 8-week class students will study and apply the basics of narrative filmmaking. Students will record voice-overs, shoot video and assemble audio and visual elements together to create a final digital story that communicates their personal story. Class will be fun, creative and give students alternative and creative ways to use their iPads and smart phones. At the completion of Class 2, students will share their final project with peers, staff, family, and community members at the Storytellers Showcase.  


Class Info


Duration: 8 weeks

Sept 19 - Nov 9, 2017

Days: Tuesday and Thursday


Time: 4 to 6 pm


Grade Level: 6-12


Lead Instructor: Mr. Melendez


Week by Week


Week 1: Intro to tech and apps used in class

Week 2: Composition and Lighting for Videos

Week 3: Sequences, story boarding and editing

Week 4: Stop Motion and Timelapse

Week 5: Sound Design

Week 6: Music Video Project

Week 7: Final Project

Week 8: Final Project


Class 2 is taught by Antonio Melendez and Rob Grobman. Mr. Melendez is a professional artist, filmmaker, musician and entrepreneur. Since moving to the Rogue Valley 15 years ago he has served as an educator, business owner and dedicated community activist. His ultimate passion is supporting and advocating young people. By providing a structured, fun, entertaining and safe environment for his students, he is able to reach their hearts and inspire them to lookinward for their strength, passion and determination to excel. Mr. Melendez currently tells powerful and inspiring stories through his company, Heartisan Films and mentors young entrepreneurs and aspiring content creators.

Intro to Film Making, 2017, Grants Pass, OR.

Class Outline

In this 8-week program, students will learn the fundamentals of running their own businesses. We will cover marketing, planning, management, leadership, development and more. Students will be introduced to four successful, socially-driven entrepreneurs, working in diverse fields. Students will be given the opportunity to create unique and effective media content for local companies, while gaining direct access to top-level professionals. We will explore what true success means, and how that relates to society and our planet.


Class Info


Duration: 8 weeks 



Grade Level: 6-12


Lead Instructors: Mr. Melendez & Mr. Katz

2017 Schedule of Classes